Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Participation on the e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com


1.    Organizer

The e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com is organized by Continental Reifen Deustschland GmbH, Vahrenwalder Strasse 9, 30165 Hannover

All questions, comments or complaints in conjunction with the competition are to be directed to TI_HB_SM_CAO@continental.com.

2.    Eligibility for participation

2.1     The participation of the e-Learning platform can be entered by means of a one-time registration.

2.2     Only legal entities domiciled in the EU (European Union) are elegible to participate. For registration, participants must provide their official first and last names and their e-mail addresses. Participation under a false name or on behalf of another person is not permitted.

3      Inactive registration

Continental reserves the right to terminate inactive registration without prior notification and without giving reasons. A registration is inactive if the user has not logged-in into contiacademyonline.com for more than 12 months.

4      Disclaimer

The participant acknowledges that Continental does not guarantee or ensure the availability of the internet websites required to participate on the e-Learning contiacademyonline.com or their contents. Continental reserves the right to discontinue these internet websites (including without prior notification) or to limit access to them either fully or partially. Continental, its bodies, employees, or vicarious agents are not liable for damage caused by errors, delays, or interruptions in transmission; faults in the technical equipment or services; incorrect content, loss, or erasure of data; viruses; or damage that may occur for any other reason during participation on the e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com, unless Continental is responsible for such damage because of malicious intent or gross negligence. This exclusion of liability neither applies to bodily injuries nor endangerment of life or health.

5      CONSENT

5.1     By registering, participants declare their express consent for Continental to store their personal data for the duration of the usage of the e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com [and, where necessary, to transfer it to our service provider, ICON Vernetzte Kommunikation GmbH, Wilhelmitorwall 25, 38118 Braunschweig  who is also entitled to store the personal data for the duration of usage of the e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com], insofar as the storage and transfer of this data is required to conduct the e-Learning offer. After the end of the e-Learning offer or after revocation of the consent of th user, the data will be erased in accordance with statutory regulations. Furthermore, the user data will be deleted after 12 months of inactive registration. Unless participants expressly confirm otherwise, the information provided as part of this competition is used only for the purpose of conducting the competition and will not be disclosed to third parties without the participants’ express permission. 

5.2     Participants are entitled at any time to withdraw their consent for their data to be stored and thereby to withdraw from the e-Learning platform contiacademyonline.com. Consent must be withdrawn by writing to Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH, Vahrenwalder Strasse 9, 30165 Hannover, or by sending an e-mail to TI_HB_SM_CAO@continental.com. After withdrawing consent, the participant’s collected and stored personal data will be erased immediately.

6      Other

6.1     Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

6.2     These Terms and Conditions of Participation and the entire legal relationship between the participants and Continental are subject exclusively to the law of Federal Republic of Germany.

6.3     Should one of these Terms and Conditions of Participation be or become wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions of Participation. The invalid term or condition shall be replaced by a legally valid regulation that is most in keeping with the expressed commercial aim and purpose of the invalid term or condition. This applies in the event that these Terms and Conditions of Participation contain an unintended omission in the regulations.

6.4     The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Hanover, insofar as an agreement regarding this is permitted. If the participant has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany or moves abroad after entering the competition, Continental’s headquarters will be agreed as the place of jurisdiction.


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